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tv   News  ABC  January 5, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EST

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accident free this morning. just a pair of road hazard on the ground to let you know about. southbound at old york road past the maryland line reports of debris in the roadway and they are continuing to repair the broken water main in timonium that blocks the right lane southbound york road. now back to you. >> it's 6:30. agnes welch was a city council member when william donald schaeffer was mayor and now the god mother of west baltimore decided at the age of 86 it's time to retire. and she knows who she wants to be her replacement. councilwoman welch once her -- wants her son to take control. christian schaeffer tells us how this is going over at city hall. >> reporter: pete welch is an aide to his mother during her tenure on city council and says whoa focus on housing, education and public safety if chosen to replace her in the 9th district. >> i want to ask my supporters to please rise. they are wonderful people in the community. >> reporter: he brought enough
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to fill the city council chamber including agnes welch. at least two of the three other candidates have been critical of the perceived council handover. john bullock holds a phd in government and politics and political science professor at towson university. >> i may not be the councilwoman's son but i believed that if i worked hard and studied and was committed that folks will give me a chance. >> reporter: community activists michael johnson narrowly lost the 2007 primary in the 9th district to agnes welch night the view and sentiment of residents in the 9th district that we are being left out of the evolution of baltimore city. >> reporter: and abigail is a teach here runs a charter school in west baltimore. >> my feet at table of education reform in baltimore city has been exciting and it has been fulfilling but it also has shown me what a truly fragile enterprise this is and we still have a very long, long way to go. >> reporter: councilman stokes
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says the familiarity they have with pete welch gives an advantage but doesn't guarantee him the seat. >> i think that that also listening to very strong candidates who are here tonight, and there may be hesitation frankly, so, i don't think it's a fate complete. >> we will keep you posted on what happens. all four have said they will run for a full term in the 9th district. even if they are not awarded the seat. so that amounts to the head start in the race. the committee overseeing the collection will -- selection will vote tomorrow and the full council makes it official on monday. we will let you know he whathappens. time to look at news around the nation. police officers in st. louis is in trouble this morning accuse of using excessive force on a suspect. the incident was caught on tape on a cell phone camera actually. then posted on you tube. it shows the officer pulling the man out of the car and
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hitting him with a baton. the man who shot the video says it appears he was not resisting arrest. the man who owns a gas station where the incident occurs says he seemed drunk and the officer had asked him to leave the store. the st. louis police department they have launched an investigation into this. church goers in long island may have gotten more than a blessing during communion service christmas day. one of the people involved in preparing communion wavers at our lady of lourdes church in pass peek with a mark later tested positive for -- mass peek yeah park later tested pos -- massapequa park later tested positive for hepatitis a. more than 1400 people received communion. health officials were at church this week offering vaccines. new york sanitation workers who slowed down the today rack up overtime after the blizzard could face federal charges. there's new evidence that the slowdown was ordered by
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supervisors to protest budget and employee cutbacks. many streets remained unplowed for days after the storm. the new york officials said in many cases that they could not be plowed because of cars and trucks in the streets. the claims being investigated this morning. and in kentucky a couple shoplifted $1300 worth of items from wal-mart and when they got caught they ran out of the store leaving their baby behind. the couple changed their clothes and tried to come back to get the baby later on. the police were waiting for them. they are charged with theft and endangering the welfare of a child. disney is ushering in new year with fireworks and it's newest cruise ship so check it out. 130,000ton disney dreams pulling into the port of florida. it will take 4,000 passengers on three, four or five night cruises to the bahamas. the first trip is set for later on this month. procrastinators are going to love this news.
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you can get an extension on your taxes this year. we will tell you why you can file three days later than normal. and, you can buy tables, chairs, dresses, cabinets and basically everything you can need to funish your home but ikea says there's one thing you can't get there anymore. we will tell you what it is.
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6:38. food recall. harris teeter issued recall of nation harvest 85% lean organic ground beef because of e.coli contamination. it has a use or freeze by date of december 30th or january 8th. if you have this meat you can return it to harris teeter for a full refund. and lights out for
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incondesent bull ns for ikea. it's the first retailer to pull the plug on the sales of the traditional light bulb. ahead of the government mandated phase out. it will offer more energy efficient light bulbs in the future. if you are procrastinateor your tacks are due monday april 18th. three days ahead of the later usual tax deadline on friday the 15th. washington, d.c. and federal workers will be observing emancipation day. therefore, offices will be closed. 6:39 right now. four days to go, the excitement is building. they are painting the trees and the paintings could also win you a trip a kansas city. we will explain. and the teen who may have been shot by baltimore orioles speaking out. he is telling a different story about what happened that night. a puppy at home warm with the owner and the guy is to
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thank for it. we will tell you how he saved a puppy and is now given an award. and how about we show you are a hob it. the. >> -- are a hob it. a few piles of snow left over. we need refreshing coating into the end of the workweek. 32 in roland park. and we are dry but we will talk snow. >> reporter: we are off to a very good start on the main roads. we have a lane blocked on the bay bridge. plus the first accident of the morning coming in in north laurel. i will let you know where when "good morning, maryland" returns after this.
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now, "good morning, maryland." it's 6:43 this is your abc2 news to go. i am megan pringle. we will start off with meteorologist justin berk. >> good morning. we will start off with temperatures right now. and we are down below freezing in many spots. clear skies and there's no weather worries this morning. kim brown has been listening to what i've been saying and taken the spoons out of her house. because she doesn't want a accident. 34 in easton. 23 up to the north in york and we are sending the all clear on the satellite and radar. sunshine first half of the day, some cloud mixed in this afternoon. and it will be a cooler high with two degreen guaranteed high of 38. how about the snow. we will talk about that in few minutes. right now kim is going to talk about traffic. >> reporter: thanks. the roads are dry this morning which is good news. coming westbound on the bay bridge, a disabled vehicle is blocking left lane and as we look live at beltway, traffic is moving at nice pace. volume is picking up a lit little bit. one accident that's going to be north laurel on the howard
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county side at all saints road and wagon covered drive. a top student in her class but federal agents are involved in the disappearance of a missing 16-year-old teen in north care -- from north carolina seen last in baltimore city. sherrie johnson joins with uswho's joining theer isch with baltimore city police. >> reporter: the fbi is part of the investigation on the disappearance of 16-year- oldphylicia barnes. the crimes against children's team is helping the police department with the case. they are studying her computer and post on facebook. she was seen on december 28th while visiting family here in baltimore. and she disappeared around 1:30 p.m. when she left her sifter's apartment to get something to eat. police blocked off a stretch of road in lincoln park yesterday after a tip led them there. suggestion indicated a body could be found near the 4,000 block of north town road. teens of officers dogs and divers scoured the park but
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found nothing. officers searched 7 search and seizure warrants apartment the apartment complex that she was last seen. those warrants turned up nothing. but family and friends are still holding out hope. >> she just, i don't know. just hope she is still fine. >> if you have any information on the disappearance of phyliciabarnes call 410-396- 2012. you don't have to give your name, only information on the case. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. a man in anne arundel county is behind bars accuse of killing his landlord. shortly after midnight police were called to a home on outing avenue in pasadena. they say they found 57-year-old harry wagner with several gunshot wound. police say neal manning lived with wagner and is cadged with his murder. the motive behind the shooting remains under investigation. carroll county man is dead after driving a truck straight into a pond and police tell us
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that he waived off attempts to save his life. it happened at the man's home off wakefield valley road in new windsor of the drivers discovered the body of dale green in front of his home a short distance from where his truck was submerged in a pond. police say his friend was visiting him and green was drinking. friend said green said he was going to drive to see his wife but was not in any condition to do so. his friend tried to stop him and left anyway. >> the individual got in the truck and eventually the friend saw him driving into the pond. and the friend attempted to save him pull him from the vehicle and smashed out rear window of the pickup truck as the truck was sinking in the water. individual resisted and the friend's attempt to rescue him from the truck. >> reporter: that -- >> that friend swam back to shore and called 911 as the truck sank into the water. police now believe green took his life in response to a second family tragedy earlier that same day. westminster police discovered the victim's 28-year-old nephew
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dead from an apparent overdose on sunday. the 17-year-old dominican boy who says he was shot in his right arm by orioles pitcher alfredo simon said it was simon who shot him and killed his 25- year-old brother. simon says the shootings were accidental and happened after he fired celebratory shots in the air. the teen implied the story is not true. simon is in prison white investigation continues. news time 6:48. acme. we know it as grocery store that's been around for more than three decades and this morning we learn that the store is closing its doors. after more than 30 years of being located off bel air road, the parent company said the store is just not needing -- meeting the financial goals awal-mart will open up a half mile down the road. the company spokesman says they will not say how many employees are going to lose the job and if they will be transferred to
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other stores. but the closest location is in elkton about 40 miles away. >> just like a lot of other things in the ecomony, it's shame to see a business leave the community. >> i am going to be inconvenienceed and i like the store. there's things i can get here and can't get anywhere else. >> they are supposed to close by the end of february and maybe before. the parent company super value owns shoppers but we are told none of those stores in the baltimore area are in jeopardy right now. baltimore county sheriff's office gets a big grant to help them buy new computers and they will put them in patrols cars. deputies will look and booking suspects and they will use the booking process in the field. thanks to 25 new computers. they will allow deputies to immediately log the status and warrants and it cuts down on paperwork when taking a suspect into booking. the congressman helped to secure the grant for those new computers. today is the big day for
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maryland senator barbara mikulski. when she is sworn in for the 5th term, she becomes the longest serving woman in the history of the u.s. senate. 74-year-old democrat first won the senate seat in 1986. she has been known as the dean of democratic women in the senate. and a leader on women's issues. the inauguration ceremony for governor o'malley second term will be much more low-key than the past. it won't be the traditional parade for starters and the black tie optional ball now business cocktail attire. the event takes place at the 5th regiment armory on division street and guest attending are asked to bring a caned or nonperishable food item. that will benefit maryland food bank. you have to buy a ticket if you plan ongoing and that will cost 50 dollars if you are senior or a student and for everybody else the general admission is 75 dollars. o'malley is sworn in on january 19th. 10 minutes away from 7
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right now. the second in command at the fda is coming back to maryland. joshua will be the next secretary of health and mentalhygiene. you may remember he severed as bolt mere health commissioner before joining the federal agency in 2009. -- baltimore's health commissioner before joining the federal agency in 2009. peta is giving an awart to baltimore city police to the marine unit because they rescued a pooch named penny last week. one-year-old penny ran out of the owner's home when someone opened the door and she was spotted struggling in the chilly waters over at inner harbor. three officers from the marine unit used the boat to reach penny and wearing a special cold water rescue suit, jumped into the water to reach the frightened dog penny was reunited with the grateful owner and peta is giving the award. maryland second casino is open.
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governor o'malley attend a ribbon cutting ceremony at ocean downs on the eastern shore. it happened yesterday. and it is the site of the first casino to be placed at a horse racing track in the state. the facility has 750 slot machines and you may remember the first one opened in perryville in september. in four days the ravens will be in kansas city for the opening round of the playoffs. even though they won for mor games last season we ended up with a wild card. and that means we have to play three games to make it to the superbowl. this is the third time under thecoach that the ravens made the playoffs as a wild card. kansas city and preparation is on. ravens are painting the town purrel a started in front of city hall and moved to federal hill. cheerleaders were on hand and fans were there and real ravens rise and concur also there.
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>> they are not going to kansas but they are psyched about a trip to dallas. >> we have done it the past three years and before that we have done it. it is a tradition getting the fans ready for playoffs and getting everyone excited and painting the town purple i can't wait for tonight when the buildings are lit up purple as well. >> on fright ravens caravan coming to you and look forward to that. as you wake up tomorrow, you might find the ravens logo around town especially with the mantra "win" and at more than 100 location in baltimore city and howard county you will see that mantra but there are two golden logos painted in baltimore county and baltimore city. if you get a shot of yourself in front of a logo and post it on the ravens official facebook page you may get a chance for two to head over to kansas city for the playoff game. so, this sunday, the game is in
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kansas city. we will find out who the lucky fan is tonight. and at six we will keep you posted. and we want to remind you that abc2 will be heading out to kansas city a little later this week to bring outbuildup for the wild card -- you the buildup for the wild card weekend. jamie will be alive in kansas city for reports on friday at five, six and 11 and, of course, you will wrap everything up with a live report sunday at 6:30. all right. someone in idaho and someone in washington state they are waking up quite wealthy this morning after winning the mega millions becoming instant millionaires. you note jackpot was 355 million dollars and at least two tickets matched all of the numbers. the two winners will receive 177 1/2 million dollars. not bad. that's assuming more people don't come forward to claim their winning tickets. here are the winning numbers on the screen in case you missed it. 4, 8, 15, 25, 47 and the mega
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ball is 42. prize is 4th largest in the u.s. history and second largest in mega millions history. besides the jackpot, prizes range from 2 million to 250,000 and if you tried to check thenumbers on the mega millions website you probably couldn't do it. website was so busy they had so much traffic millions couldn't log on. >> now, maryland most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> 6:5. a lot of kid and teachers arewaiting for the snow jackpot. and we won't have a big winner but we will have something. we start off cold at 30 in town. and 32 in ocean city and 20s towards the northwest and notice more clouds and snow back towards the northwest and to our south the we have start off the day dry and start off the first half of the day sunny and mix in afternoon clouds. and we go for the two degree guaranteed high of 38. tonight, we get more clouds. and that holds us back to about
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25. wider picture there's the light snow across the great lakes. there's a band of clouds with the southern system that will miss us. it's what he happening acruets northern stream and a system a clipper system out of canada diving south and reaching us as we head into the end of the workweek. by the way, kansas city could have light snow for the game on sunday afternoon. but we are going to get something before that. in fact the future radar highlights thursday afternoon and evening flurries and friday morning, a hit of snow and right now looks like generally a one inch accumulation gib or take a few. but, 40 tomorrow and then we are looking for the possibility of snow tomorrow night and slippery on friday morning. kim>> reporter: this morning's rush hour has been off to a good start. no problems here looking live at the beltway, 695 at providence road. everything is building up. but no major problems. we have one accident that is in north laurel off covered wagon drive and you will see police on scene. westbound span of the bay bridge a disabled vehicle has been cleared. megan. >> reporter: all right. >> we are out of time but thanks for joining us. we will have weather and
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